Chapter Quiz: The Milky Way

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  1.    When would you receive the least amount of light from a binary star system of a M5 Red Giant and an M5 main sequence star?
  2.    Stars in the neighborhood of the Sun revolve once around the center of the galaxy in about
  3.    The Galaxy is at present thought to be about
  4.    What is one difference between the halo and disk components of the Milky Way ?
  5.    Part of a mass-transfer binary, a _______ results from nuclear ignition in accretion disk of the transferred material.
  6.    The globular clusters
  7.    We cannot see the other side of the galaxy primarily because our view is blocked by
  8.    Which of the following statements about the Milky Way Galaxy is not true?
  9.    Miss Leavitt arrived at a period-luminosity relation for Cepheid variables from her studies of
  10.    How long does it take our Solar System to complete one orbit around the disk of the Milky Way galaxy?
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