Chapter Quiz: The Earth-Moon System

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  1.    The LAST manned moon flight was made in what year?
  2.    During a lunar eclipse, the Moon has the phase:
  3.    What is thought to be a major cause of the present global warming?
  4.    If our year were twice as long (that is, if Earth took twice as many days to complete each orbit around the Sun), but Earth's rotation period and axis tilt were unchanged, then
  5.    The ocean tides on the Earth are mostly caused by
  6.    How fast do plates move on Earth?
  7.    The fact that the earth's dipole magnetic field changes orientation over relatively short astronomical time scales strongly implies that:
  8.    Which of the following true statements explains why convection can occur in the troposphere but not in the stratosphere?
  9.    How many manned moon landings have there been?
  10.    Why does the Moon have a layer of powdery soil on its surface?
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