Chapter Quiz: The Earth-Moon System

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  1.    If Earth's axis were tilted less than 23.5, which seasonal average temperature change would occur in Europe?
  2.    Why is thermal escape of atmospheric gas much easier from the Moon than from Earth?
  3.    Why does Earth have the strongest magnetic field among the terrestrial worlds?
  4.    The phases of the moon are caused by
  5.    Deep trenches in the ocean mark places where
  6.    The VISUAL aurora consists of luminous arcs, rays or bands in the night sky, usually confined to high latitudes and located in the:
  7.    The Earth is made mostly of metals and rocks. Where did this material come from?
  8.    What conditions are required for a lunar eclipse?
  9.    What is the stratosphere?
  10.    Which of the following places is the result of volcanoes erupting over a hot spot in the mantle?
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