Chapter Quiz: The Earth-Moon System

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  1.    Which of the following is now thought to be the most likely way in which the Moon formed?
  2.    Summertime in the Northern Hemisphere is when
  3.    At what time would a first quarter Moon rise?
  4.    High concentrations of a certain element was found in the geological boundary, which is between the Cretaceous and Tertiary periods. What is the name of this element?
  5.    In Einstein's theory of general relativity,
  6.    This ozone layer is in what layer?
  7.    The earth rotates once in 24 hours and has a bipolar magnetic field. What can we infer about the interior of the earth from this knowledge?
  8.    A region where new igneous crust is extruded is:
  9.    According to the present theory of Solar System formation, how did Earth end up with enough water to make oceans?
  10.    Approximately how many Moons would fit between the Earth and the Moon?
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