Chapter Quiz: The Copernican Revolution

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  1.    The first physical proof of the rotation of the Earth on its axis was demonstrated
  2.    According to Kepler's Second Law, a line between the planet and the sun:
  3.    Who was the first to prove that comets lie beyond Earth's atmosphere?
  4.    From Kepler's first law, we know that:
  5.    How did Galileo's ideas about falling objects compare to those of Aristotle's?
  6.    The four large moons around Jupiter were discovered by
  7.    Where did Kepler get the data used to create his 3 laws of planetary motion?
  8.    A planet moves fastest in its orbit
  9.    Does the earth have any gravitational influence on Mars, according to Newton?
  10.    What is the last planet Voyager II visited?
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