Chapter Quiz: The Copernican Revolution

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  1.    What is the name of the spacecraft that used Jupiter's gravitational field to redirect its course toward the Sun's polar regions?
  2.    When Copernicus created a Sun-centered model of the universe, why did it not lead to better predictions of planetary positions than the Ptolemaic model?
  3.    To whom did Tycho Brahe pass on his years of meticulous observations, when he died of a burst bladder?
  4.    A piece of strong evidence in favor of the Copernican model is
  5.    The rings of Saturn were discovered by
  6.    What name was given to the series of two-man U'S space missions undertaken in the mid 1960's?
  7.    It moves 1 degree per day eastward among the stars.
  8.    The quantity that determines how circular or elliptical an orbit is is called its:
  9.    In the Copernican system, what is the shape of the planets' orbits?
  10.    At the time of Copernicus, what was the strongest argument against the heliocentric model of the Solar System?
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