Chapter Quiz: The Copernican Revolution

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  1.    Imagine a rocket leaves the earth with just the escape velocity from the earth. Which of these best describes its motion?
  2.    In the Copernican theory, day and night are accounted for by
  3.    A planet moves slowest in its orbit
  4.    From the following, choose one way in which Galileo's cosmology DIFFERED MOST from that of Kepler.
  5.    How did Galileo challenge the idea that objects in the heavens are perfect?
  6.    According to Kepler's second law, when a planet moves closer to the sun in its orbit,
  7.    From his analysis of the motion of Mars, Kepler was able to conclude that?
  8.    If the earth were suddenly shrunk to half its present size, what would happen to our planet's escape velocity?
  9.    A planet of about 80% of Jupiters mass was detected orbiting Rho Canceris with a period of 14.6 days at about .1 AU from its solar type stars. If the star has exactly the same mass as our sun, then calculate its gravitational pull on its planet, compared with the suns pull on earth.
  10.    The 1982 Voyager flyby of Miranda (a moon of Uranus) established _______.
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