Chapter Quiz: Star Birth and Death

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  1.    The Lagoon Nebula in Sagittarius glows bright red due to:
  2.    A white dwarf will cool to become a black dwarf in several:
  3.    White Dwarfs are what approximate size?
  4.    Which has the smallest mass?
  5.    Which of these is NOT a way to detect interstellar dust?
  6.    One of your teeth has a gold filling. The gold may have been many places on its way from the mines of South Africa to your mouth. But where did the gold atoms in that filling originate ?
  7.    Formed only during seconds of supernova core collapse.
  8.    Pulsars are the rapidly rotating cores of dead star that has become a
  9.    What has to happen inside a star before it is possible to initiate each new nuclear reaction in the chain leading to heavier and heavier atoms?
  10.    Our Sun is now in an evolutionary stage that lies on the __ of the H-R diagram.
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