Chapter Quiz: Our Sun: The Nearest Star

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  1.    X-rays from the Sun's corona
  2.    In a scale model of our Solar System where the Sun is the size of a small melon, which of the following best describes what the planets would look like?
  3.    This allotrope of oxygen is formed in the upper atmosphere by the action of ultraviolet radiation from the sun.
  4.    In comparison with the Sun, stars located in the galactic halo are expected to have:
  5.    Refer to the H-R diagram: for stars in general, a higher mass star may be found:
  6.    The angular position of the sun at solar noon with respect to the plane of the equator is the definition of:
  7.    Why is the sun's chromosphere much hotter that the photosphere? Probably it is the result of:
  8.    The part of the Sun that emits most of the visible light is the
  9.    In the lowest level of the photosphere of the Sun, the temperature is:
  10.    Were the sun twice as far away as it is now, we would receive:
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