Chapter Quiz: Matter and Energy in the Universe

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  1.    No object produces a perfect thermal radiation spectrum, but many objects produce close approximations. Which of the following would not produce a close approximation to a thermal radiation spectrum?
  2.    Which of the following statements about the greenhouse effect is true?
  3.    Which kind of electromagnetic radiation has photons of the lowest energy?
  4.    Which of the following objects does the Universal Law of Gravitation apply to?
  5.    The process in which heat is transported from one place to another by means of currents of gas or liquid is called
  6.    Which of the following chemical elements has the simplest structure in its nucleus?
  7.    The positions of the spectrum lines emitted by an element are primarily influenced by
  8.    The aurorae come from
  9.    The particles found in the nucleus of an atom are
  10.    The nucleus of atoms other than hydrogen are composed of
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