Chapter Quiz: Matter and Energy in the Universe

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  1.    Suppose that the Sun shrank in size but that the mass remained the same. What would happen to Earth's orbit?
  2.    Consider an atom of oxygen in which the nucleus contains 8 protons and 8 neutrons. If it is doubly ionized, what is the charge of the oxygen ion and how many electrons remain in the ion?
  3.    Who devised the first successful model of the hydrogen atom?
  4.    A iron bar is heated up so that it glows white hot. As it cools back down to room temperature, its thermal emission shifts towards
  5.    Primary cosmic radiation is characterized by:
  6.    If a planet has an average distance from the sun of 4 AU, what is the period of its orbit? Hint: Use Kepler's 3rd law.
  7.    The force that the Earth exerts to hold you to its surface is
  8.    The spectral lines of a star are observed to be shifted toward larger wavelengths. This shows that
  9.    Which of the following if true for Retrograde motion?
  10.    Newton's Universal Law of Gravity applies to
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