Chapter Quiz: Interplanetary Bodies

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  1.    Why do asteroids and comets differ in composition?
  2.    Comet tails are a result of
  3.    The nucleus of Halley's comet has over time _________.
  4.    It is possible for objects to have a stable orbit 60 degrees ahead or behind a planet. This configuration is sometimes called
  5.    The asteroid belt lies between the orbits of which two planets?
  6.    "Which of the following objects is best described as a ""dirty snowball''?"
  7.    The Perseid meteor shower results from
  8.    Halley's comet is named after the English scientist Edmund Halley (1656-1742) because
  9.    An asteroid consists mostly of
  10.    How can primitive meteorites be distinguished from other meteorites and terrestrial rocks?
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