Chapter Quiz: How Planetary Systems Form

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  1.    Which of the following planets isleast likely to retain a thick atmosphere?
  2.    The main process by which heat flows upward through the lithosphere is
  3.    What is the primary reason that astronomers suspect that some gas giant planet moons were captured into their current orbits?
  4.    The role of impact in Solar System history:
  5.    Which of the following statements about the planets in the Solar System is generally TRUE?
  6.    Which of the following is NOT a way that terrestrial and Jovian planets differ?
  7.    What happened during the accretion phase of the early Solar System?
  8.    If you discover an impact crater that is 10 kilometers across, what could you conclude?
  9.    Beyond our own solar system, the planets found to date have tended to be:
  10.    Most of the planets orbit the Sun on or close to
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