Chapter Quiz: How Planetary Systems Form

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  1.    Which of the following is NOT a way that terrestrial and Jovian planets differ?
  2.    According to the present theory of Solar System formation, what are the major ingredients of the solar nebula in order from the most abundant to the least abundant?
  3.    Which planet is likely to have a bigger difference between its coldest and hottest temperature?
  4.    In general, which things below are affected by a magnetic field?
  5.    The solar system was formed from
  6.    What was the frost line of the Solar System?
  7.    Which of these is not indicated to us by meteorite data?
  8.    The most widely accepted version of the extinction of the dinosaurs presently is that:
  9.    "The ""angular momentum problem"" for nebular models of the solar system's origin essentially means that:"
  10.    Most of the planets orbit the Sun on or close to
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