Chapter Quiz: How Planetary Systems Form

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  1.    The geocentric theory put the Sun:
  2.    According to the nebular theory, what are asteroids and comets?
  3.    Why are the inner planets made of denser materials than the outer planets?
  4.    Which of the following best explains why we can rule out the idea that planets are usually formed by near-collisions between stars?
  5.    What kind of surface features may result from tectonics?
  6.    According to the basic scenario of solar system formation, why do the gas giant planets have numerous large moons?
  7.    Alvarez proposed the extinction of the dinosaurs was due to:
  8.    General patterns seen in the Solar System include
  9.    The word Albedo refers to which of the following?
  10.    The age of the Solar System can best be established by radioactive dating of
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