Chapter Quiz: Early Astronomy

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  1.    If the star Canopus rises tonight at 3:00am solar time, at what solar time will it rise three months from tonight?
  2.    Which of the following men was the first to make systematic use of a telescope in astronomy?
  3.    Which of the following astronomical concepts did not arise from Greek notions of geometry and symmetry?
  4.    Which civilization developed and implemented the first solar colander?
  5.    If the inclination of the Earth's rotational axis increased
  6.    When does the Muslim festival of Ramadan occur?
  7.    Because the Little Dipper never rises or sets in the continental United States, we say that it is:
  8.    A fist, held at arm's length, fills an angle of about
  9.    What do we mean by a geocentric model of the universe?
  10.    Ptolemy thought that the planets orbit the Earth rather than the Sun. How did he explain the retrograde motion of planets like Jupiter?
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