Chapter Quiz: Early Astronomy

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  1.    Galileo called his telescope:
  2.    Who of the following did NOT support the geocentric Model
  3.    When Kepler's studies at the university were over, what he really wanted to do was:
  4.    As viewed from Earth, most stars appear to move across the sky each night because
  5.    To an observer at the north pole
  6.    The two angles which uniquely define the postion of a star on the celestial sphere are
  7.    Which of the following geometric devices was used by Ptolemy to explain retrograde motion of the planets?
  8.    The Solar day is
  9.    Where would you have to be on the Earth's surface to see the North Celestial Pole (the star Polaris) directly above your head?
  10.    The Southern Cross is visible where in the United States?
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