Chapter Quiz: Detecting Radiation from Space

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  1.    Which form of electromagnetic waves (or photons) has themost energy?
  2.    Which of the following statements about spectral lines is false?
  3.    The Doppler Effect is ____________________.
  4.    Which of the following statements is true about hot, dense glowing bodies??
  5.    Some of the electromagnetic radiation is absorbed by the earth's atmosphere. The types reaching sea level are mostly:
  6.    Which of the following is not an advantage of the Hubble Space Telescope over ground-based telescopes?
  7.    Interstellar dust in front of a star makes the star look
  8.    In the energy-level model for the interaction of atoms and light, when an atom EMITS light at a specific wavelength:
  9.    The Doppler Effect causes light from an object moving across our line of sight to:
  10.    In what part of the electromagnetic spectrum do the biggest telescopes on Earth operate?
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