Chapter Quiz: Detecting Radiation from Space

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  1.    A star is moving towards us. Its speed is given by observing
  2.    An advantage of a large reflecting telescope over a refractor of the same size is that the ebjective of a reflector
  3.    Which of the following is NOT a fundamental purpose of an optical telescope?
  4.    If a 60 mm refractor has an f/15 lens, the focal length will be:
  5.    Which of the following is only visible for a few seconds?
  6.    Which if the following statements about what we can learn about the properties of a star by studying its spectrum is not true?
  7.    The most important reason for placing telescopes in orbit around the Earth is to
  8.    Antares is about half the Sun's temperature at its photosphere. Its color is ____ but most of its energy is really:
  9.    Which of the following is not an advantage of spacecraft flybys over ground-based telescope observations?
  10.    Which of the following statements about light focusing is not true?
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