Chapter Quiz: The Terrestrial Planets

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  1.    Planets are round because of
  2.    Which of the following terrestrial worlds have an exosphere?
  3.    The red color of Mars is probably due to
  4.    What is the most likely origin of the Valles Marineris on Mars?
  5.    Why are there more craters on Mercury, than on Venus, Earth, and Mars?
  6.    Venus has a high albedo because its surface is covered by
  7.    The atmosphere of Venus consists of mostly:
  8.    The surface of Venus has not been seen with telescopes on the Earth due to
  9.    Which of the following most likely explains why Venus does not have a global magnetic field like Earth?
  10.    In very general terms, how do the temperature structures of the atmospheres of Venus and Mars differ from that of Earth?
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