Chapter Quiz: The Terrestrial Planets

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  1.    The lunar highlands are composed primarily of:
  2.    Which of the planets has a hot, solid surface, shrouded by clouds and covered with a thick CO_2 (carbon dioxide) atmosphere?
  3.    The surface of Mercury most closely resembles
  4.    What does it mean to say that the terrestrial worlds underwent differentiation?
  5.    In what sequence did Mercury's weird terrain and Caloris basin form?
  6.    The observation that the surface of venus is significantly hotten than the Earth's can be explained
  7.    A planet with a bulk density of 2.0 gm/cc is most likely
  8.    Which has the highest surface temperature?
  9.    Which of the following is not a surface feature on Venus?
  10.    Mercury's magnetic field:
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