Chapter Quiz: The Terrestrial Planets

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  1.    Which one of the following planets would the sun rise in the west?
  2.    All of the naturally occurring chemical elements heavier than hydrogen, helium, lithium were created in nuclear reactions having to do with the evolution of stars. Where did hydrogen come from?
  3.    A planet with a bulk density of 4.0 gm/cc is most likely
  4.    Which of the following is not a characteristic of the inner planets?
  5.    Based on its surface features, the most important event on Venus in the past billion years or so was
  6.    Which of the following characterizes terrestrial planets?
  7.    Which planet has scarps on its surface?
  8.    Why is the Coriolis effect so weak on Venus?
  9.    Spacecraft have landed on all the terrestrial worlds except
  10.    Which has the highest level of oxygen in its atmosphere?
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